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From ZERO to Over 20 Countries Within 3 Years

…and 60,000 in my Organization!!!

Several years ago, I made a decision that would change my life. I didn’t know it at the time. I was just following my heart doing something I loved.

I was earning a six-figure income as a lawyer (not bad). I had gone through all this education to become an attorney but I just didn’t love the practice. It wasn’t my passion. So one day I got up and walked away – just flat out left it to teach Pilates and yoga. It meant a huge cut in pay but you know what? I just decided I couldn’t spend my life doing something I didn’t love.

After more than a decade of teaching, I was craving a change again. And living a healthy lifestyle was important to me, so I decided that empowering others to live a holistic lifestyle and pursue their dreams would be massively fulfilling. I became a certified Health Coach and then a Life Coach. These decisions turned out to be the stepping-stones to what was to become the biggest shift I have ever experienced, personally and professionally.

Time For a Change!

Yes, network marketing! And I decided to do it ONLINE which I knew would help me reach a much wider audience. That decision magnified my influence and today I am traveling the world making a global impact on wellness.

Now, I’ve gotta tell you when I first started, I knew zilch about how to take my business online, so I started from scratch.

I guess I did something right. In fact, two years after receiving my first residual income check, I was earning monthly commissions that would average a 7-figure annual paycheck. Even though these results are not typical, my success proved it was DOABLE.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m about to share my secret. I want YOU to have what you want too.

Those two years would have passed regardless of whether I took action or not. But let me tell you, without specific strategies – INCLUDING social media, target marketing, SEO, and video marketing – I would be singing a different song. Truth? I wouldn’t have a business.

Even before I used social media to grow my biz, I began presenting webinars that helped to brand my biz and build a following. They also set me up for success with social media.

Knowing ZERO about social media, I committed to my dream and took action. I had no idea what Twitter was – or Instagram for that matter. I just jumped in. In early 2017 I have 65,000 Facebook followers and 25,000 on Instagram. Crazy, right?

I knew social media would be the key to my business success. But like a lot of people, I had a limited budget so I jumped right in and taught myself everything I needed to know. I experimented and then went with what worked. And you know what? It did work.


Over time my reach extended and my success grew. I broke every company record in the process and people kept asking what I was doing to make my online biz grow so quickly.

Well, I thought if I could do it, I could teach my team to do it. And if I could teach them, which I do, I knew I could teach YOU.

Social Downline

Along with my super cool marketing team, we created a model for online business success using social media and other tools – Social Downline.

Wait! Before you start thinking this is hard, let me tell you it’s not rocket science. You can do it, regardless of how technologically capable you think you are. YOU can learn and I want to teach you.

What is Social Downline?

Social Downline is an 8-week Online Marketing Training Course showing you the EXACT tools and methods I used to take my biz from ground zero to skyrocket-success. I’ll teach YOU the strategies and tools and all the ways you can up level to build your biz online.

I am a Double Presidential Diamond Leader with my company and my biz is a smashing success because of what I teach in this course.

But there is one more component in the equation: YOU. You have to be willing to commit full-on and do the work.

It doesn’t matter where you are with your biz, or from what point you’re starting. YOU can create success for yourself and your biz.


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Here's What You Will Learn:

Week 1: Personal Branding & Creating Your Ideal Client

  • Learn how to develop your personal brand so you stand out from the crowd of network marketers
  • Create your ideal client using our downloadable avatar worksheet and understand what problems your ideal client is facing so you can help them.
  • We walk you through step by step in a real world example on how to use the avatar worksheet to develop your ideal client.

Week 2: Network Marketing

  • Discover the number one reason why 80% of network marketers fail to grow a large organization and how you can avoid this most common mistake.
  • Learn the best tips to build a massively successful business and my approach to being a Network Marketer.
  • We share the latest marketing tactics to grow your business using online marketing in combination with traditional networking.
  • Get access to our list of tools and resources we use to grow and manage our online businesses.

Week 3: Social Media, Facebook Basics, & Facebook Ads 


  • Determine which social media platform is right for you to reach your ideal client
  • Get the latest tactics on using Facebook as a marketing tool to explode your business
  • Learn how to use Facebook advertising to increase your reach and capture more leads
  • Find out what FB Ad types are the best to use in growing a network marketing organization

Week 4: Internet Marketing, Lead Generation and Email Marketing

  • Learn how to get traffic, generate new leads, and ultimately new customers and enrollments
  • Get our process for converting prospects into leads then nurturing them into raving fans or business partners
  • Learn how to create email marketing campaigns and automated systems to improve your follow up
  • Start email marketing immediately using the powerful system created for network marketers by 3stepsolutions (Free 90 day Trial)

Week 5: Websites, Content Marketing and SEO

  • Learn best practices of online marketers to generate new leads from your website
  • Create a website that will be your command central for all your marketing and team management
  • Don’t get consumed with the technical details of building a website, have a professional website up in minutes using your free 90 day trial of 3stepsolution
  • Discover the best ways to drive traffic to your website through content marketing
  • Bonus videos from 3stepsolutions on Search Engine Optimization, creating custom lead capture forms and building a custom websit

Week 6: Presenting Online and Presentation Tools

  • Reach more people by learning how to present online
  • Receive the best ways to promote and present your product or opportunity online while capturing new leads to follow up with
  • Learn how to manage a team globally and lead by example with online presentation tools

Week 7: Sales Funnels & Video Marketing

  • Understand how a sales funnel works to drive traffic, generate new leads, nurture prospects and create raving fans
  • See what the top professionals are doing in network marketing to create an automated system of generating leads and closing more sales
  • Real world example of using online marketing and live in person events in unison
  • Learn how to use Facebook advertising, live video, and email marketing for the ultimate sales funnel

Week 8: Bringing it all together

  • Take all the puzzle pieces and put them together into an easy to understand system
  • Learn how everything is connected and have an automated system ready to start generating traffic, leads, and sales
  • Start your online Network Marketing business and never look back

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